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Grab N Go Basic is a standard vending machine that can be used in areas where e-payment is not yet popular. It uses a standard bill acceptor for bills payment and single denomination coin changer for change. It is reccomended for economical items and merchandise. 



  1. 21.5” Touch Screen
  2. Internet: WIFI, 3G/ 4G SIM Card, LAN
  3. Android OS Version 11 ※ ROM 16G / RAM 2G
  4. Controller cabinet: Storage shelves
  5. Goods tray: Spiral coils
  6. Cooling System: 4~20℃
  7. 2-Layer tempered glass door
  8. 24V Electric door defogging
  9. Pick up doors(Push): Anti-theft design
  10. LED Lighting stripes
  11. Color: White
  12. Energy management module
  13. Dimension: W128×D83×H193cm
  14. Payment system: Bill acceptor (accepts multi- denominations of cash, no return) + Coin changer (give change of single denominationof coin)


PriceFrom ₱271,000.00
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