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  1. Compact Solution with
  2. Cold and Room
  3. Temperature cabinet
  4. 21.5” Touch Screen
  5. Internet: WIFI, 3G/4G SIM Card
  6. Standard Cabinet: 6 Floors * 9 slots
  7. Extra Cabinet: 5 Floors * 2or3 Slots
  8. Capacity: 64 to 69 slots
  9. Cooling System: 4-20C
  10. 2-Layer Tempered Glass Door
  11. 24V Electric door defogging
  12. Pick up doors (Push): Anti-theft design
  13. LED Lighting stripes
  14. Color: White/Custom
  15. Energy management module
  16. Dimension: W128xD83xH199cm
  17. Payment system: E-wallets + Member Card


PriceFrom ₱245,000.00
  • Terms & Conditions 

    • TERMS OF PAYMENT: Full Payment upon Placement of Order. Prices are VAT exclusive. 
    • ESTIMATED TIME OF DELIVERY: For Available Items, within 7 days’ delivery; For Pre-Order Items, approximate 30 days’ lead time after receipt of Full Payment. 
    • DELIVERY: Delivery is Free within Metro Manila. For Delivery Outside Metro Manila, Client may book through 3rd-party Delivery Service and should shoulder the cost. 
    • SYSTEM SETTING UP & INSTALLATION: System Setting Up & Installation are included. For Outside of Metro Manila, System Setting 

    Up shall be done through online in case client requires Personal System Setting Up, An Additional Fees will be quoted upon request. 

    • CANCELLATION: All machines are built to order therefore client can no longer cancel the order after payment. 
    • ADD ONS: Add on essentials are sold separately. Any special or additional request that were not included on the quotation shall be billed separately. 
    • VALIDITY: Quotations are valid for 1 (One) month only and Prices are subject to change prior to posting of payment 
    • PAYMENT INFORMATION: Cash or Check for Bank Deposit: Chinabank 1021-0000-0633 U-TOWN INNOVATIONS CORP 
    • WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Service
      Note: On-call rate applies for outside of service area 
      Excluded: Wrongful use of machine

    Note: Light Box may have slight difference from the actual model 

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