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Similar to Amazon Smart Store, where retail is so seamless it makes customers feel like they're just getting items off a shelf. The latest technologies in smart retail- customers can now open the store, touch the items before purchasing. The purchases are then triggered once customer closes the cabinet door. 



  1. 21.5” Touch screen
  2. Internet: WIFI, 3G/ 4G SIM Card, LAN
  3. Android OS 11
  4. ROM 16G / RAM 2G
  5. No. of goods shelf: 10 big Shelves
  6. Electronic Price tag for each shelf
  7. Lock type: Electrical lock
  8. Cooling System: 4~20℃
  9. Refrigerant gas: R290
  10. 2-Layer tempered glass door
  11. Electrical glass defogging
  12. LED Lighting stripes
  13. Energy management module
  14. Machine dimension: W126*D71*H199cm
  15. Payment system: Membership Card only


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